Water Treatment Services

As water treatment professionals, we are dedicated to providing excellent customer service and quality water treatment for residential, commercial, and industrial applications.

A Clear Alternative is a full-service water treatment company intended to accommodate our customers in the quickest time possible. Nothing is more essential to life than water. That is why we offer convenient and affordable solutions for all types of unsightly and unhealthy water problems.

Our water treatment services include but are not limited to:

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    24-Hour Emergency Service

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    FREE Water Analysis & Estimates

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    FREE Water Conditioner Check Up

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    Service, Sales, and Rentals of Water Treatment Equipment

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    Offering Service On All Makes and Models

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    Water Treatment Equipment Service Plans (Sign Up and Save!)

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    Salt Delivery Service

Water Treatment Services
Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, and yearly water treatment services are available
NJ State Licensed Operators - very small water systems through T-4

Specializing in Sales, Service & Rentals on:

  • Water Conditioners
  • Water Softeners
  • Reverse Osmosis
  • Deionization
  • Chemical Injection – soda ash, chlorine
  • Ozone
  • Ultra Violet
  • General Water Filtration

Chemical Supplies:

  • Water Conditioning Sodium Chloride (salt)
    – 40lb, 50lb, 80lb bags
  • Water Conditioner Potassium Chloride
    (salt substitute – NSF approved) – 40lb bags only
  • Soda Ash Light (NSF approved)
    Caustic Soda
  • Potassium Permanganate
  • Chlorine 15%
    1-quart bottle, 1-gallon bottle, 5-gallon bucket, 55-gallon drum

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