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Take control of your energy by reducing your dependance on fossil fuels and save yourself a lot of money while makeing the planet better

Solar Panels cost new jerseyA Clear Alternative Solar Engery Solutions provides you everything you need to go solar! We keep it easy - A Clear Alternative Solar designs, installs and monitors the solar engery system installed on your home.

By creating a system that virtually pays for iteslf and reduces your carbon footprint, A Clear Alternative Solar enables families to meet thier energy needs with a proven, environmentally sustainable technology!

Tangible Results

There isn't an investment vehicle on Wall Street that can outperform A Clear Alternative Solar energy system. Beyond reducing your energy spending and benefitting from tax incentives, you will actually gain more control over your home's energy costs. This is significant in today's economy, or in any economy for that matter.

Numbers speak volumes

Fifteen years ago, it took thirty years to pay for a solar energy system. Today, with the combination of Grants and SREC (NJ Solar Renewable Energy Certificate) program, a system will pay for in itself in as little as 5 years.

Below are just some of the benefits of installing a A Clear Alternative Solar Energy System:

• No cap 30% Federal residential Solar System Credit of total system cost
• Continuous income stream resulting from SREC program for 15 years
• 5-year equipment depreciation acceleration for businesses [Look at Solar for businesses]
• Increased value of your residential property, no property tax increase
• Easily maintained technology

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