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Opportunties to Improve Your Financial Picture

Solar Panels cost new jerseyA Clear Alternative Solar can help you identify funding options for your solar initiative, while we design the perfect solar energy system for your home.

While there are tradiitonal lending options, we can also introduce you to alternative financing and expedite securing your loan.

For instance, you can take advantage of the 1603 tax credit, which has largely been responsible for expanding renewable energy efforts in this country.

The 1603 Tax Credit

A U.S. Treasury program creates flexibility for funding renewable energy projects.Companies in New Jersey have responded so well to this resource that the State is ranked second in the nation for grant-related solar projects.

NJ SREC Program

An SREC, or Solar Renewable Energy Certificate is a tradable certificate that represents all the clean energy benefits of electricity generated from your solar electric system.

An SREC can be sold or traded separately from the power. It is issued once a solar facility has generated 1,000 kWh, through either estimated or acutal metered production. 4BestSolar can monitor your system and facilitate the sale of your SRECs, thereby keeping the administration of your system virtually effortless.

Experience Worry-Free Solar with our Solar Leasing Program

For customers who don't have access to the tens of thousands of dollars it costs to purchase a solar system, A Clear Alternative Solar offers a Solar Leasing Program that allows you to benefit from solar energy with little or no money down, and a low monthly payment:

  • Immediately lower your utility bill!
  • Lock in your electric rate for the next 20 years!
  • Enjoy worry-free solar
    • Proactive System Monitoring – 20 years
    • Full System Insurance – 20 years
    • Maintenance & Repair – 20 years
    • Panel & Inverter Replacement – 20 years
    • Money-back Performance Guarantee – 20 years

Enjoy a worry-free solar system with a leased system, designed and installed by A Clear Alternative Solar's own team of expert solar professionals. Call 888-577-8088 and ask about our worry-free solar leasing program.


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