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A Clear Alternative provide Water Purification Systems for the home.

Water PurificationIf your home is supplied by public water, don't be surprised to learn that your water contains chemicals that are used to kill various microorganisms.

Chlorine is a top complaint of most homeowners, where the water smells and/or tastes like Chlorine. Technically, Chlorine is a poison and when it interacts with organic material in water a number of carcinogenic byproducts are produced, which are known as Trihalomethanes and Haloacetic acids.

Public supplied water can also contain regulated contaminants and a variety of unregulated contaminants that are not removed by public water systems. You can not rely on your public service agency to ensure removal of all harmful contaminants from your drinking water. Whereas public water systems do their best to provide the best water possible, it does not mean you should trust your public supplied drinking water.

Well water on the other hand, can contain harmful chemicals, oils, drugs and other containments all of which you will not know unless you have your well water tested. Depending on your well and the location of the well, the run off and what takes place on or near the land where your well is located - bottom line, each well will return a different result.

In either case, a quick free water test will determine if you should have an under the sink water purification/filtration system installed or if your family would be safer with an entire house purification/filtration system installed.

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