Portable Water Dispensing Tanks

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Water PurificationOur water dispensing tank is a portable self-serving bulk water dispenser that is lightweight and stackable.

FREE 2,000 pounds of ice with every portable water tank order of a minimum of 10 tanks!

With 6 self-closing spigots and various add-on accessories, this dispenser offers refreshing solutions for event managers and volunteers. The 125 gallon tank capacity is equivalent to 1,000 16 ounces water bottles. With a six foot high flag placed on top, each water distribution station is easily recognized in a large crowd!

Our food grade portable water dispensing tanks are perfect for:

  • Hydrating large outdoor crowds
  • Simplifying water aid stations
  • Eliminating heavy water lifting
  • Reducing plastic bottle waste
water dispensersAdditional services:
  • Ice
  • Cups
  • Tables
  • Misting Tents
  • Temporary Freezer/Merchandiser
  • Generator Rental
  • Trash Removal
  • Aid Station Trash Removal
Special Event Water Despensers

Insulator Wraps

Help keep your iced water cold on those hot scorching summer days. You can also post your logo or place advertising banners to generate additional revenue.
Portable Water Tank

Dual Hose Splitter

Filling cups at a water aid station has never been faster or easier! Our gravity fed food grade hose system minimizes the laborious task of filling cups. Covering a distance of 25 feet, you can fill 3,000 cups from a single dispensing tank!
Water Dispensing Units

Cell Divider

Your volunteers will really appreciate this clever device. Ensures precise and consistent cup placement on any standard 6 - 8 foot tables.
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