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De-Icer Products, Rock Salt, Ice Melt Products

A Clear offers De-Icer products to keep your sidewalks and walkways clear with our top quality ice melt products!

Our De-Icer Prodcuts are available by the pallet only, for a quick quote on any of our De Icer Products simply just complete our free quote request form.

Liquid Ice Melt/ Liquid Magnesium Chloride

Liquid mag chloride 33%  in 220 gallon IBC  - tote bin

Get Great Results with Our Liquid Magnesium Chloride for Ice Melting, Snow Melting, and Dust Control.

Liquid Magnesium Chloride General Description

Our liquid solution form of magnesium chloride. It's available in various concentrations of MgCl2 (magnesium chloride) and is commercially available by bulk (rail, tank, or car); bulk tank truck; intermediate bulk containers (called IBCs) or totes holding 275 gallons each;  55-gallon drums; and in smaller 5 gallon consumer packaging.

We offer a wide selection of liquid magnesium chloride products.  These products are enhanced with agricultural additives, such as Ice Ban®, Caliper®, and distiller's steepwater, as well as inhibited magnesium chloride brines meeting the rigid Pacific Northwest States (PNS) corrosion-resistant standards.

You can use our liquid magnesium chloride for a variety of applications, including

Haillite Rock Salt

Halite Rock SaltHalite Rock Salt

Optimally screened for use in salt spreaders and to maximize coverage
Economical choice for melting all snow and ice!

50lb bag 49 bags per pallet

Calcium Chloride Pellets

CForce Calcium Chloride Pellets Calcium Chloride Pellets

Fastest Melting deicer available

Melts at temperatures below -25ºF

50lb bags 48 bags per pallet

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